Dental Implant Mentoring for Dentists

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  • Learn through self-empowerment
  • Sharing 24 years of clinical experience
  • Free treatment planning
  • Log-book creation
  • Case selection, photography
  • Marketing Advice
  • Free staff training
  • Enjoy & learn with a team with
    over 50 years joint experience

In older times a more senior, ’learned’ or experienced individual would impart knowledge in a one directional method. This older method has not always proved successful. Newer methods of mentoring involve empowerment of the individual.
This involves a co-journey where the mentor and mentee join together in a tailor made pathway. This approach helps create lifelong learning where the mentee is the centre of the educational pathway. Dr Soni has used this approach very successfully over the years.


The word MENTOR comes from Homer’s Odyssey. Odysseus, king of Ithaca, goes to fight in the Trojan War and while he is away he leaves the care of his household, especially his son Telemachus to Mentor, who already serves as a teacher and overseer. After the war, Odysseus is condemned to wander for ten years as he tries to return to his home.

Telemachus grows up and goes off in search of his father and he is accompanied by the Goddess of War, Athena, who assumes the guise of Mentor Eventually Odysseus and Telemachus are reunited and are able to remove the threat to his Kingdom.

Over time, the name Mentor has evolved into the concept of a wise and trusted adviser/teacher that we have today.

At SoniDentalImplant Mentoring the aforementioned has been tweaked where the mentor and mentee are working together in a bi-directional process.

This modern way of mentoring allows mutual respect to develop.

This modern way of mentoring allows both mentee and mentor to learn.

This modern way of mentoring allows all to enjoy and grow together.

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