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Nerve Repositioning

This technique is performed when the patient does not have enough Jaw Bone to accommodate the Dental Implant or the quality of the Bone is not robust enough to hold the Implant at the back end of the bottom jaw.

The Nerve located within the Lower Jaw is repositioned so that the Dental Implant can be placed.

nerve repositioning


…thank you Dr Soni for this very natural looking tooth. I was very nervous but your team calmed me down and I would recommend you to any one…
Mrs Grewal

…Dr Soni’s approach was caring and sympathetic to my needs and desires. I am very happy with the results and appearance…
Mrs Wyeth’s

…thank you for your professional and thorough approach. I feel that I have my own teeth back. Thank you Dr Soni and your team…
Mr Jetha

…thank you Dr Soni for all your help. I am very happy with the final results…
Mrs West

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