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Ramus Frame Implants

The Ramus Frame Implant is a one-piece rail, suspended just above your gum tissue. It is constructed of titanium, a metal compatible with body tissue.

Ramus Frames are used to secure problem dentures. Whilst wearing dentures over many years, the jaw bone under the denture recedes to such an extent that conventional dental implants cannot be used. ramus-frame Ramus Frames are an ideal solution for those people who have been having extensive problems with dentures.


  • If you are constantly having sore spots caused by dentures
  • Are unable to chew your food properly
  • Or your dentures are just impossible to wear


…Thank you for restoring my smile and confidence…
Mr Barrs

…I was so embarrassed with my teeth. I love my dental implants, the support and help from your support staff was exceptional. Thank you for giving me my life back…
Mrs Dundas

…I was so nervous of treatment. Dr Soni and his loyal staff were excellent in calming me down. I don’t believe I could have a dental implant but I have. It feels like a natural tooth, thank – you…
Ms Fernandas

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