Sinus Grafting

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Sinus Grafting
(Sinus Augmentation)

It is possible to increase the height of bone available in the upper jaw above the back teeth by creating new bone in the sinus.

This procedure is called a Sinus Grafting and was pioneered by Dr Hilt Tatum. This procedure allows dental implants to be placed in areas otherwise inaccessible.

sinus grafting

Sinus Lift

The Sinus Lift is a technique of raising the Sinus Lining so that there is sufficient space to provide additional bone that will help support the Dental Implants.


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…I was so nervous of treatment. Dr Soni and his loyal staff were excellent in calming me down. I don’t believe I could have a dental implant but I have. It feels like a natural tooth, thank – you…
Ms Fernandas

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