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Success Story 1

Mr Roder attended with a missing upper central incisor. The tooth had been missing for several years – he was now wearing a partial plastic denture.

The denture was loose and he felt that his confidence was being affected. We decided a dental implant was the best option.

We used an Ankylos implant, utilising a two stage technique, so soft tissue and papilla could be developed. The treatment was completed over eight months and cost £2 250. Mr Roder was ecstatic with the results.

Success Story 2

Mrs R was referred to the surgery after successful periodontal treatment completed at a teaching hospital. She was a regular attendee to the hygienist and her oral hygiene was immaculate. She had already been told that the anterior teeth may need extracting in the future and was referred for advice on the now mobile upper right lateral incisor and the upper left central incisor.
Mrs R was also upset with the two adjacent teeth, with their colour, shape and size. The loose teeth had poor bone support and while we may have been able to improve their appearance with orthodontics and new restorations it was decided that the best long term treatment was extraction and replacement with dental implants. We also decided to restore the adjacent teeth to help with harmony, aesthetics and function.
The teeth to be extracted had extensive bone loss and while bone grafting may have been ideal, finances and patient’s desires precluded this option. The bone support on the adjacent teeth was good. The attached gingival, the bone support beyond the root apices also good, hence i felt an immediate approach may help to support the gingival levels. I advised the patient that this may not be ideal – she was happy with option and accepted all the risks and benefits.
Hence we completed immediate implant placement with delayed loading – adapted sulcus formers helped support the soft tissues. After four months the implants were loaded with Zirconium abutments and after temporisation for six weeks the anterior four teeth were restored with E-max restorations. The patient was ecstatic with the appearance. The treatment was completed in 10 months, the costs were £5 545. The patient left a 25% deposit and completed a 24 interest free program for the balance.

Success Story 3

Mrs X had undergone a course of orthodontics and was referred for dental implants. She had missing upper first premolars. The position and shape of the canines was still not ideal.

We decided to replace the missing teeth with dental implants and the canines were veneered to help giving a more balanced and aesthetic smile.

The patient was very happy with the results. The treatment was completed over eight months and cost £5 400.

Success Story 4

Full Mouth Dental Implants
Mr Cook attended with a failing dentition. We discussed all options and decided that the best route to take was a full mouth staged clearance and placement of staged dental implants. Once the implants had healed, we restored the upper and lower teeth with fixed porcelain to bonded bridges – the patient was ecstatic with the results.

The treatment was completed over a year. The treatment was planned so Mr Cook never had to wear dentures at any time. Mr Cook paid £27 000 for the treatment. This was paid partly from a interest free payment plan.

Success Story 5

Full Mouth Implants
Mrs Knight was referred with a failing periodontally compromised dentition. We decided to extract all the teeth and place eight upper and eight lower dental implants.

Due to occlusal issues we completed a fixed upper bridge and an implant supported lower precision prosthesis using spark erosion. The treatment was completed over 14 months.

It was a great success allowing Mrs Knight to live with confidence again. The treatment costs were £37 000. She is now under recall with the hygienist and her general maintenance is excellent.

Success Story 6

Single Implant
Mrs Jutla was referred for a missing Upper left first premolar. We discussed all options and decided upon a dental implant.

The bone height was good, but the ridge width was poor. We decided to complete ridge expansion with a soft tissue graft to help recontour the buccal plate. An excellent tissue profile was created.

Mrs Jutla was very happy with final result. The treatment was completed in 4 months and cost £2 100. She paid this with the in surgery 0% interest free payment plan over a year.

Success Story 7

Two Adjacent Implants
Mrs B attended the surgery with a fractured and missing premolar. It was decided that the two premolars were to be replaced with dental implants. The fractured premolar was assessed and it was felt that we may be able to proceed with an immediate route once the root was extracted. We placed two dental implants and restored the teeth 4 months later with porcelain bonded crowns. Sulcus formers and soft tissue augmentation helped with soft tissue profile and attained an excellent keratinised collar. Mrs B was very happy with the results, paid £3 800 for the treatment.

Success Story 8

Mrs JJ attended with mobile front teeth. After an in-depth consultation we decided that dental implants would be the preferred option. We successfully restored the upper and lower teeth and transformed her smile.

Success Story 9

Mrs. X was wearing a very uncomfortable upper denture. She also had several upper front teeth which needed extracting. We decided to replace the denture with dental implants. Her self esteem and confidence was completely transformed.

Success Story 10

Mr. S was involved in an attack. The upper right lateral incisor needed extracting. This was replaced with a dental implant. The result was a very natural appearance.




Testimonial on Dr Mukesh Soni

Dr Soni is a very special man with very special qualities who is very passionate about his work and his patients, a very kind and humble man, who not only gave me my confidence back, but my self worth and also my life as being completely dental phobic for all my life hiding away I am now able to rejoin the world and it is all so exciting ….just as your eyes are the windows of your soul…..your smile and your teeth are your connection to the outside world……am still absolutely amazed at what Dr Soni has made me achieve, along with his team, encouraged and carried me through all my surgeries and treatments that I would never in my wildest dream ever thought possible ….Whatever your fear, whatever your need he will MAKE it happen. Dr Soni and his team really do go that extra mile and beyond and are right behind you every step of the way, he cares sincerely about his patients, and actually listens not just hears so important, and we can call on them any time, Dr Soni and his PA Michele even took me home after some of the surgeries as I live alone and wanted to ensure I was safe and ok …..He also has a wicked sense of humour, very much needed at times

For more than 20 years I had hidden away with bad and missing teeth not being able to join in with friends, unable to smile, go out to places, speak to people and working for a major Corp Company had to turn down many opportunities and promotions because of my teeth, When I spoke I backed away from people, covered my mouth, so desperately wanting to change things but too dental phobic to after too many horrific experiences with various Dentists all of which is overwhelmingly humiliating, embarrassing for a woman…….and something I could never have written or spoken about before.

Two years ago completely desperate my life passing me by, I sent an email via the website which is a brilliant idea as it enables people like myself to communicate rather than picking up phone to make that dreaded call….. Michele called me back within 10 mins spent ages taking to me giving me so much reassurance and we booked a consultation with Dr Soni…. It took all my strength to get into the surgery as the fear and sheer terror took over, but immediately Dr Soni understood as words obviously did not come easy for me, addressed all the fear, humiliation and things I was thinking, and my first impression was how he actually listened and understood, he really does….One particular thing was how .Dr Soni left the door slightly open and asked his Dental Nurse not to let anyone up stairs, and during the consultation I broke down trying to be strong but not succeeding, and he asked Anita (Dental Nurse) to close the door, that left a huge impression on me…..he understood,

My treatment was over two years where I have had a full mouth of Dental Implants, bone grafts and goodness knows what else all of which I am still stunned I actually did that after my entire life of being dental phobic but I could only have achieved that by one very very special man who cares enough, and is passionate enough, about his work and his patients…..Thank You is not enough for what Dr Soni has done for me and as I say for giving me back my life

Melanie Jones

Dear Michele

My husband Salim and I would like to thank Dr Soni for the excellent service and results from our implant treatments. We both had very bad experience with our previous dentist, but the service we received from Dr Soni has been amazing.

Dr Soni is very professional, caring and a wonderful person. His work is to a very high standard and the results have been incredible for both of us. We both feel that the treatment changed our lives completely as we are very confident about our new smile and teeth; this is all thanks to Dr Soni whose work is exceptionally superb.

Further, everyone at the practice is so lovely, helpful and caring.

Kind regards,
Momina & Salim Ahmed

Dear Michelle,

I had to write to you after the recent dental treatment my mum received to let you know of her comments.

My mum said that she had never been made to feel so comfortable at a dental surgery before. With her age and clinical depression, you can understand that she can get a little overwhelmed and extremely anxious when seeing all the technical equipment in place, however, she said that the great warmth of your staff and the ever so caring and down to earth manner of Dr. Soni made her feel truly at ease and even enjoy her experience!

May I thank you all as taking her anywhere always proves to be a real challenge . . . . but at least yours is one place I shall not have to worry about in the future.

Warm Regards,
Mr. Bhatti (On behalf of both my Mum and myself)

Dear Dr Soni

I Wanted to say a personal “thanks” for the work you did for me.

I had years of problems with gums and teeth, my mouth was very painful and my teeth loose.

Dr Soni began with a consultation were he discussed with me in depth the procedure and associated benefits and risks he gave me options and advise , consequently I had implants with a fixed denture which has changed my life. I can smile again and feel really good about myself.

The treatment he gave me was second to none; the attention to detail and preparation put into my treatment to ensure my teeth looked beautiful I will be eternally grateful.

The receptionists and all the staff always made me feel welcome and comfortable and appointments were easy to make and they were happy to work around me and my work schedule.

I am absolutely delight with the results and when my daughter had an unfortunate accident last week which badly damaged her teeth I had no hesitation in taking her to Dr Soni who saw her almost immediately and put a treatment plan in place .

Thanks again for being a genuinely nice guy and a fabulous dentist.

Lesley Holloway

Testimonial for Dr Soni

After years of wearing false teeth, I began to consider whether or not dental implants would be a suitable option for me. I did some on-line research and found several dental implant clinics. I visited a few, but it was only when I had a consultation with Dr. Soni did I feel relaxed and confident enough to seriously consider dental implants. What made me finally make the decision to go ahead with treatment was Dr Soni’s relaxed manner and clear explanation about the process, the time-line and the cost. I felt that he was the most experienced dental implant surgeon that I had visited and once my decision was made I was relieved.

In each visit, Dr Soni explained the treatment he was going to do and when the implants were placed in my gums, I felt I was treated with great care. The care continues after the implant operation. Thus, every step of the way, I have felt confident about the treatment received from Dr Soni and at his practice. I would certainly recommend Dr Soni to others considering dental implants.

Jasmine Ramkeeson

To Soni Dental

I have been thoroughly impressed with the treatment received from Soni Dental Implants, and would not hesitate to recommend Dr Mukesh Soni.

During the course of treatment to have a single dental implant fitted, I was well looked after and made to feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr Soni was extremely thorough in checking my progress at every step of the way, and I have been reassured that the bone graft surgery I required was of the highest calibre.

Everyone at the surgery was friendly and courteous, and I was always made to feel more than ‘just another patient’.

Many thanks to you all!
Viveca Koh ARPS
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6 Month Smiles Gallery
(Cosmetic Braces System)















Wedding Smile

Ms X wanted a lovely smile for her wedding
We placed 8 porcelain veneers on her upper teeth
The result was beyond her wildest dreams
The teeth were very natural looking allowing her to
Smile with confidence for the wedding photos

Mr Barrs

Mr Barrs was referred for cosmetic treatment. We completed an upper reconstruction with anterior cosmetic crowns and back gold crowns for function. Mr Barrs was very happy with the results.

…Thank you for restoring my smile and confidence…
Mr Barrs

Mrs Dundas

Mrs Dundas attended with a failing restoration. Over a year we replaced the upper teeth with dental implants and constructed a fixed bridge. The lower teeth were restored with a denture supported with dental implants. We are now adding more lower dental implants and hoping to replace the lower denture with a fixed bridge. Mrs Dundas’s life has been transformed with the treatment.

…I was so embarrassed with my teeth. I love my dental implants, the support and help from your support staff was exceptional. Thank you for giving me my life back…
Mrs Dundas

Ms Fernandas

Ms Fernandas attended with a failing anterior post crown. The long term prognosis of the tooth was poor and it was decided to replace the upper left central incisor with a dental implant. She was delighted with the result.

…I was so nervous of treatment. Dr Soni and his loyal staff were excellent in calming me down. I don’t believe I could have a dental implant but I have. It feels like a natural tooth, thank – you…
Ms Fernandas

Mr Gonella

Mr Gonella was distraught after a course of periodontal surgery at another surgery. He was referred for dental implant and cosmetic treatment. We placed dental implants to restore his front teeth and continued to place several cosmetic porcelain crowns. The case was difficult due to recession after his periodontal treatment. However, he had a low lip line and in general function the teeth appeared normal. Mr Gonnela was very happy with the result.

…you are an artist Dr Soni. Thanks for restoring my confidence…
Mr Gonnella

Mrs Grewal

Mrs Grewal was a very nervous patient. She attended with a failing post-crown. We decided that an immediate dental implant was the best route to take. The treatment was completed with only one surgery under sedation. The final appearance was very natural and the patient was very happy.

…thank you Dr Soni for this very natural looking tooth. I was very nervous but your team calmed me down and I would recommend you to any one…
Mrs Grewal

Mr Jake Smith

Mr Smith was involved in an altercation which meant losing the upper anterior tooth. This was replaced with an immediate implant.

This was a very difficult case due the patient’s high lip line. Mr Smith was very happy with the results.

Mrs Wyeth’s

All of Mrs Wyeth’s upper teeth were failing. We decided to replace the teeth with dental implants and a fixed bridge. Mrs Wyeth was absolutely against wearing a denture even as a temporary while implants were healing. After a thorough examination and the aid of a CT scan we decided that immediate implants and an immediate bridge could be provided. The treatment was was completed in 8 months – Mrs Wyeth never had to wear a denture.

…Dr Soni’s approach was caring and sympathetic to my needs and desires. I am very happy with the results and appearance…
Mrs Wyeth’s

Mr Jetha

Mr Jetha was not happy with his upper denture. After a thorough examination, including a CT scan we proceeded to replace the upper denture with dental implants. He was ecstatic with the results.

…thank you for your professional and thorough approach. I feel that I have my own teeth back. Thank you Dr Soni and your team…
Mr Jetha

Mrs West

Mrs West was referred for dental implants. She had two loose upper deciduous (baby) remaining which were replace with Dental implants. We also restored the upper left lateral incisor with a porcelain veneer for cosmetics. A very natural was achieved.

…thank you Dr Soni for all your help. I am very happy with the final results…